Chemistry Bonding Vocabulary

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Chemistry Bonding Vocabulary Empty Chemistry Bonding Vocabulary

Post  aqalieh95 on Thu Sep 30, 2010 6:14 pm

These are the vocab slides that we need to memorize in Ms. Phillips Chemistry class.
She said she might test us on them at any time.
Use CTRL+F to find the flash cards that you need.
For best results, use "Learn" until you are comfortable, and then check your skills in the "Test" feature

Polyatomic Ions
Includes ammonium, nitrate, acetate, thiosulfate.

Molecular Prefixes
Includes deca-, hepta-, and tetra-.

VSEPR Angles
Includes trigonal pyramidal, tetrahedral, and trigonal planar VSEPR bond angles.

The 7 Diatomic Elements:
Br I N Cl H O F
These elements, when not bonded to other elements, bond with themselves.
In other words, they are never found in single atoms in nature.

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