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Post  man987 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:09 pm

This talks about how Engineers need to think about and do before making a product. This explains the thought process and the questions you need to ask yourself before you make it.
  • Concept: Why, how, when where, who, what, and better or not
  • Prototype
  • Problems with prototype like weather, and other things may affect it
  • Design - each basic part that is necessary
  • Final Product - The assembled product of the parts
  • Productions & Price - the cost factor
  • Deliver - To stores and companies who wish to buy the product
In Prototype

  • Cost
  • Interference
  • Weather, Humidity, temperature
  • Size, Weight
  • Theme
  • Design validation
  • Heat creates burning
  • Water resistance and other resistance
  • Takes about 3 years
Production (you need them to make your product)

  • Make the product
  • Machines to automatically build the product
  • Make each part quickly
So the way that the whole process goes is like

  1. Concept 3-4 Years
  2. After Concept it is the Design which is for 1 Year - Verify--->Prototype is a Paper Design
  3. After the first design it is the Design again for 1.5 Years but this is different like this is physical -Test---->Valid Physical Design is the Prototype-----> Checklist which means to correct all of your previous problems.
  4. After the Design of the final then comes the Production for 9 Months - Valid, tools like machines to build the product
  5. After getting stuff for production you Start the Production - Build some of the full product and test it, and then go to full production with machines

  • The First Design is Different from the Second one because in the First one it is the Paper design or a Graphical Design and with this you will include all the compound without considering any other issues or needs. But in the second one you make a pysical design of the Frist one and then elimination some stuff to make it simple and other factors.

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