Bean Experiment with Variable and Controls - Binder Entry 2

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Bean Experiment with Variable and Controls - Binder Entry 2

Post  aqalieh95 on Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:04 pm

We are doing a bean growing experiment to demonstrate our knowledge of the scientific method. It really was a much better way of learning the scientific method, because in the end you realize that its much easier using the scientific method than not, and that you don't need to follow it word for word to be successful.

My variable will be:
What you put in the water: nothing, salt or sugar?

Here are my controls:

  • Amount of water
  • Amount of paper towel
  • Arrangement of paper towel
  • Placement of bean in the cup
  • How many beans in the cup
  • Tool to water it with
  • Brightness of the environment
  • Color of bean
  • Type of bean
  • Size of bean
  • No duds
  • How often you water them a day

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