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Post  abtara on Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:19 pm

We are all studying for math, possibly harder than any other subject , so I would like to start off by posting my summaries for Chapters 2, 3, 4, , compiled through the tests, quizzes, and the book.  This should in no way be your only study guide though, because I might have missed something.

Chapter 2:

  • Finding the equation of a line when given certain information
  • Domain/Range
  • Different types of Variation (direct/inverse variation, direct with the square, cube..)
  • Constant Graph, Decay Graph, others.
  • Doubling
  • Sphere measurements (volume/SA eqns) and Ratios
  • Radical/Fractional form<li>Writing equations using story problems, then solving them
Chapter 3:

  • Solving equations using: Graphing, Elimination, Substitution, Matrices
  • Using slope to find perpendicular/parallel graphs 
  • Review Matrices!!! Multiplication, addition, subtraction, inverses, how to do it on a calculator.<li>Using matrices to transform shapes.
Chapter 4

  • Graphing parabolas
  • Max, Min, Line of symmetry, Y intercept and vertex (of parabolas)
  • Translating Parabolas Up, Down, Sideways.
  • Solving Parabolas using square roots, factoring
  • Using the Quadratic Formula to solve parabolas
  • Solving for and using the discriminant
  • i (Imaginary numbers)<li>

Chapter 9
Simplifying without negative exponents
Simplifying exponents to a single value
Factoring (pulling out variables)
Corss multiplication – Proportions
Extraneous solutions
Graph Equation
Cubix (double, triple zeroes)
Standard form (yes or no)
Solving quadratics with:
• Algebra
• Quadratic formula
• Factoring
Chapter 5
Shapes, Statements ex: square is always a rectangle
Congruent, similar shapes
Transforming/ translating
Midpoint/ Distance
Standard position of shapes, finding missing coordinates
Diagonals: Perpendicular, midpoint, congruent etcetera.
Proving shapes are shapes ex: prove this shape is a rectangle
Chapter 7
Conjunctions/ Disjunctions – match to their graphs
Venn diagrams
If-then statements – Counter examples – converses
Premises, P=Q situations
Different angles ex: Cointerior, Supplementary, vertical
Transversals and variables
Chapter 8
Coordinate proofs ex: show that the following points (variables) make a square
Paragraph proofs with transversals
Proving triangles are congruent
Reflexive property
Vertical angle theorem
Alternate Interior angle theorem
Corresponding angle theorem
Remote angle theorem
Vertical angle theorem
CPCTE (Corresponding Parts of Congruent Triangles are Equal)
Exterior angle theorem
Supplementary, Substitution
Similar triangles, Geometric mean
Sine, Cosine, Tangent

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