Formal Lab Write Up Procedure For Design Labs

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Formal Lab Write Up Procedure For Design Labs

Post  man987 on Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:22 pm

- Purpose of a scientific investigation is to determine a relationship between variables, which we call the independent variable and the dependent variable
--- Independent Variable- The variable which you will control the change of.
--- Dependent Variable - The variable which you will measure as the independent variable is changed.
--- Controlled Variable - All the variables which could reasonably affect the dependent variable but which are not being studied in your experiment.

- Process- An explanation of the process you followed during your investigation with enough detail so that the experiment can be repeated by another person.
- Materials - A list of materials used during your experiment.

- Raw Data - A reporting of all the data collected while performing your experiment.
- Transformed Data - The resulting values of all calculations performed with your data.
- Graphs - Graphs of the raw and transformed data should be included with all relevant trend lines.
- Calculations - A detailed sample of all calculations performed with your data.
- Also having the Error, and uncertainty calculations and value shown to each kind of data.

- A statement of the result of your experiment - as the purpose was to find a relationship, that relationship should be mentioned. Errors and Uncertainty should also be addressed in detail.

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