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Metrics Practice - Binder Entry 4 Empty Metrics Practice - Binder Entry 4

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Estimate the following measurements. Be sure to include the units.
These are only rough estimates.

  1. Height from a door to the doorknob: 1m
  2. Length of a football field: 91m
  3. Height of the gym ceiling: 20m
  4. Distance from Bloomfield Hills to Birmingham: 10km
  5. Length of a new pencil: 15cm
  6. Weight of a can of soup: 15 hg
  7. Weight of a newborn baby: 4kg
  8. Weight of a new pencil: 15g
  9. Weight of a pair of shoes: 2kg
  10. Weight of an empty coffee mug: 6dg
  11. Temperature of VERY hot coffee: 50°C
  12. Temperature outside if its too hot to want to run and play: 30°C
  13. The air temperature if there is freezing rain (in between rain and snow): 0°C
  14. The temperature outside in spring: 20°C
  15. The temperature if it's cool enough that kids wear a sweatshirt: 10°C
Write the number and the label:

  1. Measure your weight in kilograms: 45kg
  2. Measure how many drops of water make one mL of water in the graduated cylinder: 17 drops
  3. Measure your height in cm: 158cm
Length is the measurement of one point to another

  • Measure book widths with cm
  • Measure room dimensions with m
  • Measure distances between cities with km
Volume is the measurement of space

  • Measure liquid volume with some sort of cylinder
  • Measure solid volume with cubic centimeters. This is abbreviated cm3
  • 16 drops of water = 1mL
  • 1mL = 1cm3
Mass is the measurement of matter

  • Measure medicines with mg
  • Measure paper clips with g
  • Measure potatoes with kg
Density is a comparision between mass and volume

  • Density is labeled as g/cm3
  • In simple terms, density is a measure of how "packed" something much matter there is compared to how much space there is. Density can also refer to population or molecules.
The Four states of Matter: (from least dense to most dense)

  1. plasma (what stars are made of)
  2. gas,
  3. liquid
  4. solid

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